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About Us

As one of the largest SPV and Asset Management service providers to the PPP / PFI infrastructure market, Imagile, as a Trusted Partner, seeks to protect and enhance the value of its investors' assets, which currently stand at £3bn.

It is our philosophy to proactively manage assets to ensure that relationships are maintained with Authorities, Senior Lenders and Sub-contractors, and that all operational contractual obligations in relation to the assets, including health and safety, and compliance are properly managed.

Services are delivered from offices in London, Bristol, Warrington and Glasgow.

This approach has led to Imagile being the recipient of more than 27 industry and national awards.

Our capital investment under management is in excess of £8bn.

Vigilance: Readiness through focused collaboration, awareness and experience.

Vision: Foresight through innovative, adaptive and insightful leadership.

Value: Delivering improvement through relationships built on integrity.

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Our History

The Imagile Group originates from 2005, when the Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund ("SMIF") created SMIF Asset Management Limited ("SAML") to provide efficient stewardship of its investments through direct management of the project SPV companies.

The creation of SAML consolidated the acquisition of the United Medical Equipment Group business that managed 6 MSA contracts, and the novation of 15 MSA contracts from the Jarvis Group.

SAML managed 27 contracts within the SMIF portfolio by the end of 2005, with Alan Birch being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.

SAML was awarded the MSA contracts on 7 PFI projects, including on Dartford and Gravesham Hospital.

SAML was awarded the MSA contracts on 6 PFI projects.

Land Securities Ltd acquires SAML (as part of the acquisition of SMIF). By this time it managed 40 assets and directly employed over 70 members of staff in the Asset Management Companies.

SAML was awarded the MSA contract on a large accommodation project in the North West of England.

SAML secured the MSA contracts on a large portfolio of 11 community health projects, 2 District & General Hospitals, 1 road project and 2 large school projects.

Semperian Investment Partners ("Semperian") acquired SAML in 2009, when Land Securities Ltd exited the PFI sector, at which point 140 members of staff were TUPE transferred to Semperian to manage a total of 61 MSA contracts.

SAML was awarded 2 large District & General Hospital MSA contracts.

Jarvis PPP FM business is placed in administration. SAML TUPE transfer 411 members of staff and takes on the management of these contracts directly to ensure service continuity to our clients.

SAML was awarded a school and hospital project.

PIML is sold to Compass Group, with the TUPE transfer of 411 staff originally employed within the PIML business.

SAML won two large District and General Hospital MSA contracts, including the University College London Hospital MSA contract.

SAML's Head Office relocated to Bristol, at which point the company managed 68 MSA contracts.

SAML was awarded the MSA contracts in Leicester BSF (Phase I) and Leicester BSF (Phase II).

Semperian Asset Management Limited acquired MAMG, the largest independent UK PFI asset manager, who managed 47 MSA contracts at the point of acquisition.

SAML managed 118 MSA contracts, with 170 members of staff.

SAML was awarded the Financial and Company Secretarial MSA contract on the Belmarsh West Prison MSA contract.

The group was awarded the MSA contract on a large District and General Hospital project, the operational management arm of a secondary school in London and a road project in Ireland. In addition, MAMG was awarded the long term operational management contract on 6 LIFT schemes.

SAML and MAMG managed 128 MSA contracts, with 183 members of staff, by the end of the year.

Imagile Group Limited was formed as an independent asset management company, with the consolidation of Semperian Asset Management and MAMG.

Imagile Infrastructure Management successfully renewed 2 MSA contracts in the Health sector.

A school MSA contract was renewed with Imagile Infrastructure Management, with a five-year term.

Imagile Infrastructure Management successfully bid for 4 MSA contracts in the Waste Treatment, Education, Fire and Rescue, and Health sectors and successfully renewed 17 MSA contracts within the Education, Street Lighting, Housing and Health sectors.

Imagile Infrastructure Management successfully bid for an MSA contract in the Housing sector.


The Team




As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we at Imagile Group, have made the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and their families our number one priority. We have instigated our business continuity plans, both to protect our colleagues and minimise any potential disruption to the delivery of services to our clients and stakeholders.

In fulfilling our social responsibilities, Imagile are committed in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 in line with Government guidance through social distancing.

All our offices have now been closed with the majority of staff operating flexible and remote work arrangements, although some key workers continue to attend and support specific 'critical front-line' sites to ensure those projects continue to operate effectively during these difficult times.

We will continue to monitor and follow updates and guidance issued by the Government.

We are confident that we can continue to operate with minimal impact to our clients and stakeholders, while at the same time protecting the health of our colleagues, their families and the wider communities in which we operate.

The Imagile Business Continuity Management System is certificated to ISO 22301:2012, the international standard for business continuity management systems and operates with executive sponsorship.

Luke Body


Managing Director of Professional Services


Luke Body is the Managing Director of Imagile Professional Services Limited and a member of the Imagile Group Executive Committee. Luke has been involved with the Group since 2005 at which time the business had suffered the failure of a major building contractor. Luke was part of the team that successfully delivered the remaining construction works which saw the associated projects stabilise and remain as high performing assets.

Luke is an experienced and innovative asset manager who has had a progressive career over more than a decade with the business, spanning roles in project management and lifecycle management. His notable achievements include the creation and development of the Group life cycle planning and delivery models which have contributed significantly to the operational and financial performance of the Group, and led to excellent relationships and reputations with investors, clients and peers alike.

Following the creation of Imagile Professional Services Limited ("IPSL") in 2017, Luke has been a key part of the development of the business and performs a strategic leadership role. His focus is on client relationships, service / product design, building on the experiences of the IPSL team to bring benefits to new and existing clients and staff development.

Gary Brown


Managing Director of Imagile Group


Gary is the Managing Director of the Imagile Group and a member of the Imagile Group Executive Committee. Prior to this appointment he has held a number of roles within the group including Managing Director of the Professional Services division and Group Operations Director. With over 20 years' experience in engineering and facilities management, Gary has spent the last 15 years in PFI / PPP sectors. Gary excels in managing high profile projects delivering key solutions to all areas of commercial, operational and finance with an ability to deliver solutions in even the most complex environments.

As part of the Imagile Group senior management team, he has led and supported the business through the demise of two major FM providers.

With an engineering and project management background in a wide range of sectors, Gary has worked on projects in excess of £200m and has a broad understanding of the key deliverables in a number of areas, with excellent stakeholder management and communication skills.

Julia McCabe


Managing Director of Infrastructure Management


Julia joined Semperian in September 2007. She has recently been appointed to the role of Managing Director of Imagile Infrastructure Management Limited, in addition to being a member of the Executive Committee.

Julia has over 20 year's experience within the PFI/PPP industry, working within the Health, Defence, Housing and Education sectors. She is an experienced solution based leader, who has managed and led on complex projects and the resolution of contractual disputes, ensuring key stakeholder relationships are maintained and enhanced.

Prior to joining Imagile in 2007, Julia spent the previous 12 years working within the PFI sector, latterly with Serco Limited as an operational director, working both internationally and within the Government Services Sector.

Becky Brunt


Director of Business Support


Becky is Director of Business Support and has been with the business since October 2010. Becky's role includes all Administration, HR, Learning and Development, IT and Business Standards, and she is focused on ensuring the Business Support team's efforts are focused and prioritised accordingly.

Becky's background is HR and she is a Chartered member of the CIPD. In 2017 she was appointed as Director of Business Support and has extensive experience within the PFI market. Prior to joining the business, Becky spent 16 years working for an FM provider, leading a team which managed all aspects of HR management, which included numerous TUPE transfers. She has core change management skills which are utilised to advise on our business's organisation design and effectiveness. Becky is also a true advocate of Employee Wellbeing and has led our business to embrace significant changes in attitude which in turn has materially improved our employee engagement.

Colin Anderson


General Counsel


Colin joined the business as Group Legal Counsel in September 2016, having been engaged in the PFI/PPP sectors since the mid-1990s. He is a member of the Imagile Group Executive Committee, a director of Semperian PPP Investment Partners Group Limited and his role encompasses the Semperian/Imagile Group.

Colin's career has covered roles in the public and private sectors, both in-house and in private practice, for PFI clients, owner/investors, lenders, developers, operators and construction contractors. This wide background allows an appreciation of the dynamics and drivers of all parties to a typical PFI/PPP project. Such projects increasingly present complex and multi-faceted challenges requiring a broad perspective for successful management and resolution, in which Colin has an established track record.

As well as active engagement in the more material Project issues and risks, Colin provides and procures legal advice to the Group entities, including as to legal compliance, legal change and other corporate and employer matters.

Colin manages a small and experienced legal and commercial team deployed as required across the Group's investments and activities, managing and assisting in negotiations, disputes and other solutions.


Imagile Group complies to the ISO 9000 family of Quality Management Systems ("QMS") standards. These are designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of QMS, including the quality management principles upon which the family of standards is based.

ISO 9001 deals with the requirements that organisations wishing to meet the standard must fulfil. A third-party certification body provides independent confirmation that Imagile Group meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 22301 covers the requirements for a robust Business Continuity Management System which enables Imagile Group to minimise the risk associated with disruptions and ensure control is maintained at all times.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ("EMS") specifies the requirements of an EMS for small to large organisations. An EMS is a systemic approach to handling environmental issues within an organisation. The ISO 14001 standard is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. The ISO 14000 standards are not designed to aid the enforcement of environmental laws and do not regulate the environmental activities of Imagile Group.

ISO 45001: 2018 is an International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Certification and ongoing compliance with this standard enables Imagile Group to demonstrate that it has systems in place for Occupational Health and Safety.

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